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Friday, September 15, 2006

RCA sampler - Taken From the Top

A double shot of LP goodness today!

Got for you an RCA VIctor sampler form 1962, with all live performances. Unfortunately this was only available in mono, but the quality is so good, I ripped it at my "really good shiznat mono" setting, that being 160/44 FHg.

Lots of goodies here, from Al Hirt to Jan Peerce... waitaminnit, JAN PEERCE? What's an opera singer doing on a pops LP? A damn fine job of "September Song" actually... and we get to hear how cloyingly cute Ann-Margaret was. Also great performances by the likes of Della Reese, Jonah Jones, Lena Horne... it's a great set list of live performances.

...all, of course, to get you to buy the full LPs, Victor marketing ain't no dummies!

Cover scans are here:
The front...
The back

Sit back, and enjoy some GREAT live numbers, Taken From the Top.


Blogger savoadaki said...

I am currently listening to this collection, and enjoying it immensely -- a lot of familiar toonz. I've also been exploring your other blogs, which are wonderful for us old-timers! ((and adventurous youngsters I would think).
You have an immense collection and I'll be coming back regularly. Thanks for all the blogs and all the music.

8:54 AM

Blogger DonHo57 said...

I love your blogs, and this collection was a favorite when I was a kid. Mom and Dad seemed to have tons of these comps around back then, especially the old Lucky Strikes albums and the never-ending pile of Christmas stuff from Firestone, et al....Thanks for you your great work!!!

10:02 AM

Blogger The Impaler said...

I have a bunch of the Firestone Yule stuff, the 4 blogs will get pretty interesting this winter season... I'm scrounging for stuff for the end of next month (All Hallowes Eve) as well as Yule. I'll try to make it interesting!

12:49 PM

Blogger julioxo said...

Exquisite music
Thank you very much The Impaler

11:34 PM

Anonymous bella tosh said...

Hey man,

Your blog is amazing! Clearly you are into vintage music, I think you would really dig LuxuriaMusic. They play some really obscure stuff. Very cool music.
Keep up the great blogging!


9:48 AM

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6:15 AM


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