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Monday, September 11, 2006

Mantovani- Gems Forever

Here's another wonderful sounding London FFSS 'Blueback', this time of Mantovani & his Orchestra. Unfortunately, this was a later pressing, but the jacket still has the goofy "StereoPhonic" bit on the upper right, so it was an earlier blueback recording, but a later pressing... the little grey blotch on top I think gives it away as a later press, that plus the "7E" in the matrix number...

It's still a nice set of mood musics, typical lush Mantovani string arrangements, something to chase the chill away on the autumnal evenings (which we are getting now here... the aspens are starting to turn colors, which means that we're gonna have some snow flying soon in the Rockies)...

Not much else to say about this, I'm gonna leave all the "Man-to-van-i, the F F S S Treat" (sing it to the Rice-A-Roni Song) jokes aside, and leave you with the music and the cover scans.

Cover scans are here:
The front...
The back

Light up the fire, grab your hunny-bunny, and offer her some Gems Forever.


Blogger mel said...

I got an "unexpected end of archive" and was able to download only the first 8 tracks.

I'll try again...

Regards - Mel.

11:45 PM

Blogger mel said...

Please ignore my previous post - obviously the problem was on my side, not yours.

When I tried again I got all the tracks.

Many thanks for this post.

Regards - Mel.

12:40 AM

Blogger julioxo said...

Days ago I lowered this disc
Today, late, I thank to him.

11:27 PM


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