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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Holiday Prezzie for y'all

OK kids, you have been VERY patient and waiting for some postings here. I don't have albums of Mantovani or anything like that, this is a Yule compilation CD that I burned for a couple of friends, and NOW I get bombasted with "I WANT IT TOO!"


Anyways, here's the comp. It's garnered from my library, some other comps I have laying around, and some other strange stuff. it'll all fit on one CD - BARELY - so, be warned! It runs damn near 80 mins.

But, I hope that you enjoy it, and all that tommyrot.

Seriously, may you have a Blessed Holiday Season, whichever one(s) you celebrate, and Prosperous New Year. Me? I'll be celebrating the Pagan New Year by freezing my ass off at a "Drum Up the Sun" ceremony at first light on Friday morning (Solstice is 1721 local time the previous evening)....

So, here ya go! Have a Whacked-Out Yule 2006.